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Direct Mail for Accountants

Accountancy practices have a long history of using direct mail as a technique to drive new clients their way. The benefits of sending out letters to new companies are obvious. The growth of on-line company formation services in the past decade has enabled new business owners to set up their limited company with minimal fuss. As a result, this means that an extremely high proportion of new limited Company Directors have not yet appointed an accountant to deal with their taxation affairs.

You will probably have noticed that one or two local accountants always send out marketing literature to new limited companies in your area between one or two months following the date of incorporation of that particular company. The fact that the same accountancy firms send out these letters to all new companies year after year means that it must be worthwhile in terms of a return on their investment (i.e. an increased client portfolio). We can help you to get a MUCH BETTER return on investment than those firms…

How we ensure that your direct mail letter is seen first

We have developed a unique software system which allows us to digest all available limited company information within one minute of the processing of the incorporation by Companies House.

Our system then automatically filters out all of your target companies based upon your requirements (e.g. company industry, postcode/town, age of Director etc) and sends you an email with only the relevant company data in a csv file.

This means that you could easily mail-merge the data into a letter template explaining how your firm of accountants can help the new company Director, with it being sent out to all new relevant companies within a few hours of their incorporation – much faster than the one or two months it takes your competitors!

Main Features

  • Receive a CSV file (MS Excel/Spreadsheet) containing contact details of the main decision makers
  • Data sent out via email daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly (depending on your preference)
  • Easily create your own mail merge letters (e.g. in MS Word)
  • Select Postcode area(s), Town(s) and/or Counties to target, or nationally
  • Target particular keywords in the business name
  • Target decision makers by age range
  • Target particular industries / business types
  • Includes the full name, date of birth, nationality and postal address of the main decision makers
  • Low minimum spend commitment of £40 per month
  • Rolling monthly contract – no lengthy commitment

Why it works

Our clients achieve an extremely high conversion rate. The reason for this is that the contact information we provide is brand new. The decision makers in our lists have, literally, set up their new business the same day that we add their contact details to our database.

None of your competitors will have contacted the decision makers already – as, quite frankly, nobody can supply the information as fast as ASAP Marketing. This means that there is an extremely high likelihood that the decision makers on your CSV file are in desperate need of the service/product that you provide.


The cost per contact starts at only £0.29 +VAT, with a low minimum spend commitment of £40 +VAT per month.

Service Options for Accountants




Free ASAP Contact Data Trial

Complete the following form to receive a csv file containing the full direct mail contact details of the five most recent decision makers in your local area.



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Please note that the full version allows you to filter companies by keyword, industry, postcode, town, country, profession of Director, age of Director, nationality of Director etc.

What our clients say…

My accountancy practice has been sending out mail shots to new companies for 6 years. We would normally pick up 5 or 6 clients per year (which we were initially happy with). We then found ASAP Marketing. Initially, we signed up to the ASAP Contact Data service – we discussed which post codes we wanted to target, we also added a few ‘negative keywords’ for types of firms that we didn’t want to contact. The difference in lead generation was remarkable. I put this entirely down to the speed at which we get the letters sent to the local companies before our competitors have had a chance at signing them up. We’ve recently moved up to the direct mail service, whereby the entire process of creating and sending out the letters is taken care of by ASAP Marketing, saving us time and money.

Gareth Salomon, Managing Director - G Salomon & Co Chartered Accountants

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