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In the last week 15th – 21st November

ASAP MarketingNewsIn the last week 15th – 21st November



In the last week 15th – 21st November


It’s estimated that here in the UK we like to drink up to 165 million cups of tea a day, with coffee coming in at around 70 million, so it is no surprise that cafes, tea rooms and coffee houses are so popular. We come in close second to Ireland for the largest per capita tea drinkers! From the fancy afternoon tea to the run of the mill builder’s cuppa, the UK need their fix.

The rise of vintage and retro fashion, architecture and décor in the past few years is evident in the amount of shops opening which sell on old or restored treasures that are unique and interesting. Antique shops not only inhabit the avid collectors anymore, but anyone looking to set their home out from the fast and easy décor that anyone can buy off the high street. If you have an eye for seeing something beautiful in a tatty old dining set, or love polishing up silver you could make a pretty penny selling these to the many people looking for a unique item for their house.

The term ‘vape’ was crowned the word of the year for 2014. E-cigarettes and vaporisers have risen in popularity since indoor smoking became illegal in public places, not only this but it was deemed a much safer way to intake nicotine compared to all the harmful substances in cigarettes. Vaping shops have opened all over the UK with 11 opening just last week! However studies looking at vaping in the long term, have concluded that the effects are yet to be unknown.

Lots of different businesses are being set up around the UK, and here at ASAP Marketing we can send mailshots to new companies that match your criteria, so you can contact them as soon as they incorporate their business name.

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