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In the last week 8th – 14th November

ASAP MarketingNewsIn the last week 8th – 14th November



In the last week 8th – 14th November


20 new pet related businesses were set up last week which is not surprising as we are truly a nation of pet lovers. In the UK alone there are an estimated 8.5 million dogs and 7.4 million cats being kept as pets and caring for your furry animal is easier than ever before, from the basics like food and grooming, to the luxury of diamond encrusted collars (could be argued to be a necessity for your pampered puss). When it comes to pets, you think of it and there is a business that caters for it. Cat and dog hotels have popped up around the UK where your pet can stay in the lap of luxury and even if you don’t have a pet, cat cafes are on the rise, where you can pop in for a cup of tea while a feline friend sits on your lap.

From last weeks Contact Data, 8 app developing companies were incorporated. There are hundreds of app developing companies in the UK, and now with the iWatch, apps are not confined to just a tablet or mobile, so the room for growth is never ending. 75% of Brits own smartphones, so it is no wonder that many new businesses are designing new apps, or creating apps for other companies. Apps are much more utilised now than the mobile desktop site, as they are easier to navigate and are much more varied in what they can do!

ASAP Marketing has the date of birth of all new decision makers, and the oldest person starting a small business this week is 91 year old Norbert who is a hotelier in London. Although the most common age is around 30-40 for new business decision makers, many people over the age of 60 are setting up new businesses. Age shouldn’t be a deterrent for setting up a new business as experience and knowledge is invaluable!

Loads of different businesses are being set up around the UK, and here at ASAP Marketing we can send mailshots to new companies that match your criteria, even if that criteria is small pet grooming businesses, or 91 year old hotel owners!


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