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New Company Contact Data


Our New Company Contact Data allows you to contact the main decision maker as soon as they set up their new business.

Target businesses by postcode range, town, county, company name, age, nationality, occupation of decision maker and keyword/industry.

Main Features

  • Receive a CSV file (MS Excel/Spreadsheet) containing contact details of the main decision makers
  • Data sent out via email daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly (depending on your preference)
  • Easily create your own mail merge letters (e.g. in MS Word)
  • Select Postcode area(s), Town(s) and/or Counties to target, or nationally
  • Target particular keywords in the business name
  • Target decision makers by age range
  • Target particular industries / business types
  • Includes the full name, date of birth, nationality and postal address of the main decision maker(s)
  • Rolling monthly contract – no lengthy commitment

Why it works

Our clients achieve an extremely high conversion rate. The reason for this is that the contact information we provide is brand new. The decision makers in our lists have, literally, set up their new business the same day that we add their contact details to our database.

None of your competitors will have contacted the decision makers already – as, quite frankly, nobody can supply the information as fast as ASAP Marketing. This means that there is an extremely high likelihood that the decision makers on your CSV file are in desperate need of the service/product that you provide.


The cost per contact starts at only £0.15 +VAT, with a low minimum spend commitment of £20 +VAT per month. Additional high volume discounts are available.


ASAP Contact Data – Free Data Sample

Fill in the form below to receive the full details of the five most recent decision makers in your postcode range. Please note that our full paid service also allows you to filter by industry/keyword, profession, location, age of Director etc – giving you the option to receive the data daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.



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